Working Holiday in the UK 2018 – Application Process

Here i will chronicle my whole process of applying for the Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS), otherwise known as working holiday scheme in the UK.   22nd February 2018 - Submitted application for CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship), only for Hong Kong passport holders.   4th April 2018 - Successfully obtained a CoS with a registration number, [...]

A fresh new look.

Giving my website a makeover! the only thing i know how to do! expect more to come in the coming months as i am doing something really big that is definitely life changing in July! 😉

Life Reminders

the other day I came across this quote in Reddit and showed below that I resonate so much with, like in a really deep personal level – and I even think that this is actually what most people in this world should read and take note of. WARMING: The quote requires a bit of a [...]

Saying YES.

So many times i turned down invitations and events just because i was scared. Yes. i admit it. And I’m not ashamed of saying that, acknowledging your mistake is the first step to preventing it from happening again in the future. Being an anxious kid for most of my life (still am, but getting better), I [...]

My Christmas Feast in Cardiff

In this little blog, I am going to share with you some of the heartfelt things that hapd to me during my study in the U.K. back in 2014. I have some of the fondest memories from this trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. So, when I was studying in [...]

A new era

Annnnd it's been a freaking long time again and I've since abandoned this blog. whoops. sorry about that.over the past few years I've changed so much, good lord. i would never recognise myself or identify myself with the person that i was 4 years ago. i suppose this change is inevitable. and I'm growing up. [...]

Meeting Daniel Radcliffe!!!

Yes.I met Daniel Radcliffe.This is me taking a selfie with Dan! I'm so glad some professional photographers took this and put it online, because I really like this photo! Thank you you awesome person who has been flashing the camera light all night! :o)I really really like this pic of me and Dan. Unfortunately there [...]

New Phase.

having blogged for so long, and i just wanted to update myself as to where in life i am right now. the last blog post, in which i said i was going to do something that would change my life forever, and i did that. and no, it didn't change my life forever, so i'm [...]