Working Holiday in the UK 2018 – Application Process

Here i will chronicle my whole process of applying for the Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS), otherwise known as working holiday scheme in the UK.


22nd February 2018 – Submitted application for CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship), only for Hong Kong passport holders.


4th April 2018 – Successfully obtained a CoS with a registration number, proceed to submit the online visa application via


19th April 2018 – started filling in the online visa application, this took the longest since there were so many steps and questions. During which i paid the application fee and the IHS (paying this we are then entitled to the National Health Service in the UK). During which I also booked for an appointment in the UK Visa Centre in Hong Kong to submit all necessary documents included the printed online application, my passport, the TB test, bank statement, CoS email etc …


30th April 2018 – quit my full-time job and started working part-time.


6th June 2018 – the appointment date to visit the UK Visa Centre in Hong Kong. I submitted all necessary documents, they also took my passport and will return it to me when the application is done – and then i went into a room where they took my photo and scanned my finger prints for BRP.


23 June 2018 – bought tickets to leave Hong Kong for the UK on 31st July, 2018. At which point i still haven’t got the result for the visa application hahah …


26 June 2018 – Got the email saying my application has processed. (which is still vague since it never tells you whether it was successful or not.) And then later the same day the postman delivered my passport back to me with vignette stuck in it – which means it is a success! 😀


31st July 2018 – Leave for the UK! See you later Hong Kong, I will miss you!


And that, is when a new chapter begins …


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