The hike is hard, but the view is definitely worth it.

I am a lover of hiking.
I have always loved nature and looking at beautiful sceneries. Though I didn’t pay much attention to this activity before, since I had always been busy with school work and all the yada yada, it was only since last year that I started picking this habit up.
Something so unique and different about hiking, is that this is essentially just taking long walks on a trail or up a mountain, yet people from all over the world just love it! And studies have shown that hiking or all forms of walking have health benefits too! So what makes it so compelling?
I enjoy hiking because I learn lessons from it that I can never learn from anywhere else. Seriously. I learn worldliness from hiking. It really is that big of a deal for me (what can I say, I’m a drama queen). The nature is just so good. When I come to think of it, this world is all that we have, all the life source and beauty come from this thing around us – the nature! When you’re walking on a trail and you get to really see, sniff, touch and be intimate with the plants and bushes and flowers and trees and birds and dirt, it just takes away all the worries and stress from you. It takes away the entire world for you even, and puts you into a universe where there’s no limit – where we are back to the most basic, the most primitive, the most innocent; where everything is organic and raw, non-judgemental and simply, breathtakingly generous. What better world than a world like this? The view and rewards after the long hike is definitely worth all those hours of hard walk.
And due to my inner philosophical nerd, I love a constant reminder of the vastness of the world, of the universe, so that I get to learn and try to be more humble and appreciative at all time.
Everyone knows the health benefit of hiking or any other activities that require you going outside and moving your muscles, (whether people actually attempt those is a matter of an entire different blog post) so I don’t need to bore you with these facts and advice.
But hiking is just so addictive. You go there once and you would long to go again! It is that magical. I think the core of it is that you just don’t realise that you’ve been exercising and it really helps the whole thing. We all know exercising helps to boost your mood along with all the hundreds of positive effects; plus having buddies and friends going hiking with you, talking and having fun, it is just a walking picnic!
That feeling when you’ve reached the top of the mountain with your buddies by your side, at that moment it’s as if you guys can really take over the world and ready for another exciting adventure. It is as if all the opportunities and blessings are within the grasp of your fingertips, it is as if all the bad days and the snarky bosses are just static noises that are as minimal as the spot in which you guys started your hike.
And all of a sudden everything seems to be okay. All of a sudden you know that everything is going to work out fine. And this is definitely not the end of the world – because the world is too beautiful to quit just yet.
Hike away, my friends.

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