A new era

Annnnd it’s been a freaking long time again and I’ve since abandoned this blog. whoops. sorry about that.
over the past few years I’ve changed so much, good lord. i would never recognise myself or identify myself with the person that i was 4 years ago. i suppose this change is inevitable. and I’m growing up. but i am still me, still the quirky and weird chubby girl in my heart of heart.
I have since graduated from university with an english degree (the actual ceremony is in the coming october 2016!), and nowa part of the labor in the real world. i have found a steady job – I’ve been working for 3 weeks now. it’s all been well, but not satisfying, i must say. something is still lacking in my life, and i know that, but i don’t know how to fill that void. right now I’m sitting in the office trying to do my job but then i thought of this little blog that I’ve had for a loooong time and i just can’t stop myself from coming here and updating it. it’s like a strange yearly or half-yearly diary for me. i just want to someday look at the the things I’ve done and achieved and know that it is all these thing an experience that get me there.
right, i’d better get back to work before the boss finds out and i hope i can keep updating this blog more often and goodness i gotta change that template.
until next time,

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