Meeting Daniel Radcliffe!!!


I met Daniel Radcliffe.

This is me taking a selfie with Dan! I’m so glad some professional photographers took this and put it online, because I really like this photo! Thank you you awesome person who has been flashing the camera light all night! :o)

I really really like this pic of me and Dan. Unfortunately there is a watermark in the middle. I’m wondering if I could get an actual clear picture of this? I am willing to pay whoever took this!

Me and my friend Olivia!!! Just before Dan came this side and took pics and sign our stuff!

The bae is here!

I honestly look like a ghost from all these crazy and strong light but Dan looks cute and handsome as always so that’s okay!

Looking confused from other fans’ question I guess lol

The magazine I bought so he can sign! And he did!! The Meet & Greet badge that a lovely lady gave us that ultimately allows us to enter the area so we can take pics with him! OMG

Oh. My. God.

This is still so surreal for me. I’m still processing this fact that I MET DANIEL RADCLIFFE!!

This man means so much to me. Yes, I am a Potterhead and I have loved Harry potter since the age of 11. And I basically grew up watching Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, and it’s like we grew together somehow. He is like a brother, a very dear person to me. For all these years I have loved so many other celebrities but Daniel has always been in a special position in my heart. No matter how much I’m obsessed with other celebs, no one can take Dan’s place. He is such a precious to me. Anyway, so as I am currently in Oxford studying an exchange programme, my friend Olivia entered a sort of fansite competiton thing and won two tickets to see Horns premiere in Leicester Square in London. This is still like a dream to me that she won tickets to see the premiere. I have never won anything whatsoever. And we were beyond excited and nervous as hell. We have never attended any premiere before and therefore we didn’t know what exactly do we do. To be honest, the film is secondary to me, seeing Daniel is the main thing – The most important thing. Thank God for this once in a life time opputunity for me to meet Daniel! I’m so thankful that after we collected our tickets, we went to the entrance of the red carpet thing and was about to wait there for Dan to appear so we can follow him and maybe get a chance to take picture and get him to sign stuff, since other fans without tickets were gathering in the Meet & Greet area already and we thought that we couldn’t be able to even see him let along taking pictures with him. There were so much people!

Anyway, long story short. I met Daniel Radcliffe. He is so lovely and so handsome. (fangirl mode). This is so surreal seeing him in person, after more than 10 years of looking at pictures and watching him on screen, this feeling is so uncanny and weird and exciting and overwhelming and so freaking amazing. He has such beautiful and big blue eyes and I know I sound like a creep now but he really is just so amazing and I just feel so lucky and eternal grateful that I met him. This is probably one of the nest things that has happened to me in my life. Feels like winning a lottery or something. Yeah, it feels that amazing and superb and like a dream.


P.S. I have no idea why but the picture of me taking selfie with Dan is all over the fansites and photo sites of this premiere lol I’m just so glad and grateful that they took these photos because I get to see another angle of our pic 🙂


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