Emotional and exciting Imagine Dragon Live Concert in Hong Kong!!

This is the story of how I got to see Imagine Dragons’ live concert in Hong Kong! 
Okay, so I have always loved this band ever since I heard their song “It’s Time” on The Perks of Being A Wallflower’s trailer. And I think it’s safe to say that I’m among the first batch of people that knew they would be coming to Hong Kong to perform, and I was beyond excited. It is dream come true to me. It’s still so surreal to say that Imagine Dragons was coming to perform live in Hong Kong. I could never in a million years imagine that they would be coming here. I was soooo happy. So I knew that they would be here on 19th June, and I started researching as to how to acquire tickets to their show – yet I couldn’t find anything about that, not the ways to buy nor where to buy whatsoever, so I just thought maybe it was only for the big people like those celebrities and the tickets were not open for the public to buy. I was disappointed, to be quite frank, because small potatoes like us would never be able to see them in this way, not when all the privileges are for the privileged people already, ignoring the people who are really passionate about them or really want to see them. 
Anyway, so basically we didn’t have tickets. Yet I still had the faintest hope in my heart that we would somehow manage to see them live, despite everything. We decided we would just try our lucks and see if we could sneak our ways in like two little punks that we are. (srsly) So my friend and I went to Harbour City fairly early, in case we got lost and couldn’t find the avenue for the live show. (we did got lost a little bit, but at the end we manged.) But of course that was not exactly the place where Imagine Dragons would be performing. No, we went to this open and outdoor carpark space, and there were fences already set up very far away from the main stage – upon seeing the stage I was already feeling so giddy with excitement – but it was still the fact that we didn’t have tickets that made me feel so sad so we just stood afar at the fences separating us from the soon-be-packed-with-crowd space and the stage feeling a bit defeated. It was obvious when we approached the fences, the staff/security would come up to us and told us to go back to the main entrance where people would be checking tickets and allowing people into the concert – and we were just like crap. How could we sneak in then if there was only one way in and that was the main entrance!? Now that I’m thinking back, we were quite naive and bold in a sense, we were like screw this, no one can stop us from seeing Imagine Dragons live. NO ONE. But despite the aspiration and bravery, it was still a fact that we didn’t have tickets. Seeing all these people holding their tickets and queuing up before the main entrance, we were feeling really depressed. It was so close, yet we still couldn’t get in. I was beginning to think, is that it? We came all the way here just to be shut out whilst they were performing on the other side? 
We decided to go back to that open carpark space, there were fences separating a huge space along with the stage, and the two of us could only gaze from afar by the fences. Despite the beautiful scenery around us, we were very much frustrated. Around us were a couple of people who were obviously without tickets like us and were preparing to just stand here and watch the show. And the staff and securities would constantly come by to answer questions or send people without tickets away. 
That was when this angel of a staff/security came up to us.
We were preparing to get kicked out but he looked at us and he knew we didn’t have tickets. He was like, “You don’t have tickets, eh?” and we were like, “Noooooo …” *le sigh* and honestly I let out a huge sigh and was really getting quite emotional there – because we didn’t have tickets and we knew it and we would never be able to watch Imagine Dragons live and all those thoughts just rushed into my head but then he was like, “Come this way.” 
And I immediately knew what he was doing. Feeling shocked and the luckiest people in the world, we walked up to the fences whilst keeping a cool face as we were dying of excitement inside. He told us, “Don’t change your expressions. Don’t say anything. Don’t walk too fast. Just keep that face.”
And just like that, he pulled the fences and let the two of us in. 
You have to know that this happened in a grant total of only about 30 seconds, and at the moment I really couldn’t formulate anything to say or think, I just was screaming inside over the fact that we just got let in by the staff/security whom we didn’t know and we were probably the only two people he let in. And the fact that we didn’t have tickets but we just got let in to see Imagine Dragons’ first ever live concert in Hong Kong and the fact that I was about to meet them in person and hear them live and I just – OH. MY. GOD. the amount of gratitude and apprehensiveness I had for that staff/security in that moment is incomprehensible. At which point he had already sent many people without tickets away but he LET US IN!!!! I don’t even know what to say about this person, except that he was the sweetest, kindest and most amazing person in this whole wide world. It was fucking unbelievable. I really want to thank that person so much and just, God bless you, man.
I hope he didn’t get into trouble but that was the kindest and most awesome thing I’ve ever encountered. Ever. He is such a great person. I will never forget him and the thing he did for us. The world could do with more people like you, kind stranger!
Anyway, Imagine Dragons was soooooo awesome, best day of my life.


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