Student Residence Life Begins.

so i moved into the student residence in my university. yay not.
i now share my room with another roomate and share the bathroom with 3 other people. i actually didn’t want to at first, but my secondary school teacher whom is also kind of my biggest inspiration told me last year that i should try enrolling there, because it allows me to experience a completely different life style and well, makes me more independent. so, i took her word and now here i am. honestly if it wasn’t for her, i would never have enrolled myself to the residence – yeah it’s true that it saved lots of travelling time from home to campus which in turns allows more time for me to study, but i just want to say, quite frankly, those saved time would be used to do all those things that i won’t normally do when i’m at home, which at the end of the day, doesn’t save much time at all. 
for example, i have calculated that i saved about an hour of travelling time now that i’m living in the student residence, but what i didn’t think about was that all the daily necessities and trivial stuff where i would normally just push away and have my mum does them for me (thanks mum, i love you and miss you so much) will now have to be in my daily to-do list. and that just kind of substituted the saved time. nonetheless, there really is some good things about living in the residence, which is now i don’t have to rush to go back home every time after I’ve finished my lectures, this could mean i forgetting about something that i must do in the campus and beating and myself up after i went back home. i can now just walk idly back to my room and tumblr study until i die and do whatever i want by myself or sort out all the stuff i need to do on campus like submitting documents and borrowing books from the library and using the printer etc..
but i do really miss my family. i wouldn’t have moved here if it hadn’t been my teacher suggesting me to do so, and i know i can think and decide on my own, i still believe i should take her suggestion because her words are always the best advice and lesson to me, and i want to treasure that. and the price for that is definitely the time with my family. i can barely see my mum now even i wasn’t living in the residence, i can only see her in the morning, and it’s usually before 12nn and being a lazy and sleepy arse i can’t actually get up that early normally, so that’s that and now it’s even worse after i moved in here. i can only go back home every Friday, and stay overnight til Saturday and on Sunday morning, i will have to get up so freaking early to go to church and after that i will just head straight back to the student residence, which means i can only get to see my mum on Saturday morning every, i can’t believe i actually spent such long paragraphs talking about not seeing my mum lol but hey, home is where the heart is.

so i’ll now just wait and see how everything goes from now on since i just moved in on Sunday, i figured i’m just not settled and get used to here yet, i hope everything turns out fine. i feel like having some deja vu writing this post, because i remember when i went to the UK in late June, i also wrote a post about how much i missed home and wanted to go back and feeling so lonely etc., but after a week i actually fell in love with Brighton which i can still remember everything that happened back then … oh the good old days. so hopefully i can accept this place the same i did Sussex University. (fingers crossed)

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