looking back

looking back at all the posts i had made, i feel like i was a lot happier then. but why? i really don’t know. maybe because over these few years I’ve been through a lot more, learnt many more stuff and most important, i’ve grown up, or that i have to, the society had forced us to …

sigh, a week later the JUPAS result will be released, and, i will finally know whether i can study in university or not … mot the say whether i can study my favourite subject … life’s kinda weird and tough, but i know there are so many opportunities, i just have to grab hold of them

17th of august, the day that’s gonna change the rest of my life just like the day the release of my HKDSE results. but this time, there’s no alternative options, either i study for degree in uni or asso degree or even, go find a job and my life will never be the same again. sigh

may god bless me and may the best happen to me.


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