The Perks of being a Wallflower – a review.

I read the book before the 2nd exam last year. After I’ve finished it, I loved it. This book is my favourite so far, apart from Harry Potter.


I literally couldn’t put it down, I just kept turning from page to page and it’s addictive, even when I want to put it down for a while and do something else, my mind just automatically went back to the book and I just kept rewinding the content in my head.
Let me just briefly talk about the book.
Charlie, who is the main character, is a shy and innocent, awkward but very very talented teenage boy, he is writing a series of letters to an anonymous “friend”, to talk about his feelings, thoughts, anything he observes as a freshman in high school. He meets two and only best friends there, Samantha and Patrick, who are seniors and they have kind of changed Charlie’s life. I can’t say Sam and Patrick are good students at school, they are kind of outcasts. They do drugs, smoke, and party. Despite that, they are really really good friends. They understand Charlie and love him and would do anything best friends would do for him. As what Charlie said in the book, “they just understand.”
The content is so compelling. Charlie is the wallflower, and he just observes and is more sensible to things happening around him than anyone else. And he will voice out, confess or describe what he saw and did during those times. He is hilariously honest, witty, nerdy, and advanced intellectually which he didn’t know about until he’s teacher discovered his talent and helped him in school. Sometimes he’s just like a little boy, he cries over books, he cries because Sam and Patrick gave him presents, he cries because his parents are fighting, his sister and brother are fighting … he is just somehow lovable like that.
Charlie has in fact lots of personal and mental issues. He has post-traumatic stress disorder, which is because of what his aunt did to him when he was seven which I’m not gonna tell. He sees things differently. He kind of has depression, and at first had problem socializing until he met his two best friends, which he is really grateful for.
The book is so meaningful and so real. I look at their world through Charlie’s perspective and how Charlie sees the world. Charlie is sort of a disconnected person at school, some people thing he is weird, and he is by no means popular in school. That’s why he observes like a wallflower, which he likes to do.
There’s a moment in the story when Charlie is with Sam and Patrick and they are driving through a tunnel and listening to music they love, and they are just being themselves and laugh, that’s the moment when Charlie feels truly happy and relaxed, and most importantly, free. That’s when Charlie said “and in that moment, I swear we were infinite.” Also a famous quote from the book.
I fell in love with the book at the first page. It’s really really good, I loved it so much and it left great impact on me. It’s a story about a boy in the phrase of his life known as growing up. Things change. And friends leave. And life doesn’t stop for anybody, but we had those times. Those times we felt we were infinite, and it was growing up. The book deals with controversial subjects like suicide, sex, homosexual, drug and teenage pregnancy, the language is plain, straight forward, witty and funny. The name of the book is really beautiful and classic yet lonely. however the content is touching, honest, sad, sometimes hilarious but really powerful.




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