so this is it.

today, 31/8/2011, the last day of my form five summer holiday.

tomorrow i will be a form six, and four more months later, i will be having the DSE exam, which is and will be one of the biggest challenge in my life. it will determine everything, what will be my future lies in that exam, and i will not let the exam ruin the rest of my life. and also, which i just realize recently, tomorrow’s school opening ceremony will be my last secondary-new-school-year-opening-ceremony. yes, the last one in my secondary school life.
and according to the teachers, all the teaching will be finished by December. and then we will have Mock Exam, and then i will be a real DSE exam student, the first ever DSE exam in the history of Hong Kong. AND TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH, I AM ALREADY FREAKING OUT.
lastly, please wish me good luky for my form six year!! and get good grades in the DSE exam and get into chinese university of hong kong and study my favourite subject English!!!!!


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