o.m.g!!!!!!!!!& Happy birthday, Michael Jackson.

Last night, a school teacher phoned me! and she told me that i have to accept the award in the first day of school in the opening ceremony!!! :O i was like OH MY GOD!! i don’t know why i feel super nervous immediately … (?) i think this award is the improvement award that i got at the end of the last school year, and because of the swine flu, school year had been forced to end soon, that why the closing ceremony had been cancelled which meant i didn’t have to accept the award on the stage (and I’m glad)!!! but now, i can’t actually believe they are gonna hold it right after the new school year begin!!! oh my goddddddd!!!! i feel happy, nervous, confused, excited(?)!!

okay, back to reality, I’m bored today, so I’ve made a sandwich for lunch. 😀

oh and i have a little bite on it, tehe :]

Lastly, Happy birthday, Michael Jackson.

and bless the HK MJ Dancing Tribute today go very well. 🙂


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