what a day! & got my ear pierced!!

so, yesterday, i went to BBQ!! that was great fun! lol
wow, yummmmm!!!!!

and for thoday, i did the most amazing thing!!
i got my ear pierced!!
can’t believe it, huh? me either! but i did it!
beautiful!! ❤
it went red for a bit just after i got it done… hehe…

after a while, it looked just gorgeous!

i was so nervous at first, i could feel myself shaking; then just “BANG”, got one ear done; another “BANG”, got my another ear done! tehe, it is absolutely beautiful! it didn’t hurt!! just felt a bit like bitten by an ant, really. lol.
so, i’m so wanting to get more hole done, ya know! mama said it’s not good though, so, i’ll leave this issue lately to think about.
that’s all for these two days! oh, and my cousin is leaving tomorrow, i’ll really miss him!! and i don’t want to start the new school year!!!

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