so, continue the swimming thing.

wow. i feel so relax. just after the whole swimming thing. and i don’t want to mention anything about what we’ve done at the pool.
it was like going to battle. we have to rush to do anything, we could only use 3 minutes to get ready at the dressing room, and get up to the pool. and i was so panic i didn’t know why. and then, we left the pool, just the same, we could only got 5 or so minutes to shower, get change, get the messy, watery hair properly done etc … and the whole thing was absolutely disorderly,it just make me hate the swimming lesson even more.
after we got back to school, i went straight home. i wanted to actually get a proper shower, and wash my hair, and just clean up, i had to also do everything very fast, because the lunch time is very short as well. *sigh*.
so, thats the end of the whole swimming thing, and i will still hate it no matter what. but i glad that i don’t have to have the next lesson! hehe …
but … i’ve tanned alot!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! 😥


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