Happy birthday to fi~

i miss you so much, hopefully we can soon meet each other, and you’re always my best friend! ever! ❤
alright, back to school days. tomorrow we have swimming lesson. oh damn it. i hate swimming lesson. it doesn’t mean i hate swimming, in fact, i LOVE swimming, i just don’t like swimming with my classmates. there are many wicked people, and i can even imagine the stuff those people (the hateful bunch of girls) say and the facial expression when they see the other girls with swimsuit. i mean, come on, we are all girls! why they only got bunch of bullshits in their brain? it’s so immature of them, the things they tease at, they also got those too! i’m just so fucking hate those girls, they are evil inside.
besides the above reason, i also hate that we only got just a little time to actually swim. i mean, the lesson is short, and we have to get all the stuff ready, such as swimsuits, get the hair done etc …
i know i’m worrying about everything, i just can’t help it, i want to think positive too! i’ll pray, and God will help me.

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