what a day!

Working on the damn C.A.T. ppfftt…
today, when i finished all the stuff at school (not willing to mention those things again… yeah, I’m lazy.), anyway, i was about to carry the schoolbag on my back, and then the thing connected the strap with the bag was broken! i was like OMG … It was BROKEN! … In fact, my bag had already injured so much, and actually, i’m a very very good girl, i’ve been using this bag for about 3 years! like, i’m so frugal! and it’s a virtue! now i can finally get rid of it – oh, i mean it can retire now!
well, back to what i was talking about. the first thing came to my mind was “how can i carry those books home…?” luckily my home is not far from here, i would have to hold it in the arms though. :\
however, i know it’s not such a big deal, but i can definitely get a new bag! Yay! lol


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